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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: October 16th, 5pm

  • Chris Heady: Omaha World Herald
  • Snow recap/Poll Question Update

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: October 16th, 4pm

  • Nebrasketball talk!
  • NFL Stock Up/Down
  • Movie takes

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: October 16th, 3pm

  • Choose which scenario you’d rather have for your CFP experience
  • Jeff Risdon:
  • What’s Poppin

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: October 16th, 2pm

  • That damn Aaron Rodgers
  • Fix one thing for Nebraska for the 2nd half of the season: 4th downs/Kicking game
  • This or That

Happer & Stephens: October 16th, 1pm

  • Thing or Not a Thing
  • ESPN is predicting a 9th place finish in the B1G for Husker basketball. Hold your anger, Husker fans!

Happer & Stephens: October 16th, 12pm

  • Are you buying stock in Nebraska football right now? Or is there still a lower point to come?
  • Scott Frost’s answer on improving the pass rush was good, but it also showed his improved maturity as a coach.
  • Ranking the worst losses in Nebraska’s current losing streak.

Happer & Stephens: October 16th, 11am

  • All snarkiness aside, it’s a good sign that Nebraska rebounded with a good practice yesterday.
  • What happened with Noah Vedral’s waiver request?
  • Nate Clouse, HuskerOnline
  • The Blog Jog, brought to you by Barney Insurance

Who is going to win the B1G West?

-Wisconsin, Iowa, Northwestern, and Purdue all have one conference loss, and all have reasons to believe they can win the division. Watch out this weekend for Purdue/Ohio State—the Buckeyes aren’t playing great as of late, and Purdue is…can you imagine if they knocked them off? Purdue is not out of the B1G West race by any means

Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple’s Andy Katz projects Nebraska at 2nd in his preseason B1G standings…what are you expecting for a finish this year?

-Assuming Roby has a good year and goes pro, is he a potential first rounder? And is there any chance Nebraska could have (gasp) 2 drafted players this year in the NBA Draft?

-How much has your opinion on the length of the rebuild for Nebraska football changed in their 0-6 start?

Scott Frost insists that practices remain strong and that morale is still high….how is morale with the fans right now?

-We know where Jake is at after his tirade on Twitter on Saturday and thoughts yesterday—he’s frustrated but believes the staff will figure it out eventually. Is that the common belief? Or are you OK with what’s going on currently? Not worried one bit?

-If it’s the latter, we once again bring up a comparison and ask for an explanation for patient fans on why Jeff Brohm was able to take over a terrible Purdue program and in his first year there, win 7 games and not get embarrassed against good teams. How was that possible, and was that never going to be possible for Frost here? Did Purdue’s previous staff just do a good enough job of recruiting B1G style players and not develop them?

UNIFORM TALK!! Nebraska to wear 1920s-style Memorial tribute against Illinois in November

-The jerseys have the feel of the very plain jerseys Nebraska wore in 2009 against Louisiana-Lafayette, but the helmets are the big thing, with no ‘N’ present, and with the intention to look like a leather helmet


Can Nebraska’s defense improve to end the year or are they going to remain an issue?

-In Pelini’s first year in 2008, Nebraska’s defense had a rough start to the year, but rebounded at the end (with better talent, to be fair), and held several opponents below 300 total yards of offense, despite some big numbers against them in the first half of the season. Is that possible with this group or not? Maybe not that type of a leap in yards allowed per game, but definitive improvement? Hard to measure that, though.