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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: October 12th, 5pm

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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: October 12th, 4pm

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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: October 12th, 3pm

  • The Big Ten West could officially die tomorrow
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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: October 12th, 2pm

  • Is it more important to look good or just win?
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Happer & Stephens: October 12th, 1pm

  • Are we looking at a Nebraska vs Northwestern shootout?
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Happer & Stephens: October 12th, 12pm

  • JD Spielman?
  • Let’s check in on how much money UNL owes coaches that they fired!
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Happer & Stephens: October 12th, 11am

  • Sorry, I still don’t understand why Nebraska blocked Greg Bell’s transfer to Oregon State
  • Nebraska is struggling this year for the same reason they struggled last year
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Keys to Nebraska – Northwestern / PICKS OF THE WEEKEND




-Michigan St/Penn St



Lee Sterling (Paramount Sports) / Shut Up Sipple

-Last week: 6-0

-Iowa (-4’) vs. Indiana

-Penn State (-13’) vs. Michigan State

-Michigan (-7’) vs. Wisconsin

-Northwestern (-5’) vs. Nebraska

-New England (-3’) vs. Kansas City

-Game of Week:  LA Rams (-7’) vs. Denver

Can a highly penalized team really beat a team that doesn’t beat itself?

-We all know that Nebraska has penalty issues, as they are dead last in penalties per game and yardage penalized per game. Northwestern doesn’t play a particularly pretty or sexy brand of football, but they don’t make mistakes, with only 13 total penalties on the year. They also don’t turn the ball over much

-On a positive note, if Nebraska were to win tomorrow against a very disciplined team on the road, that would make belief strong in what the team is capable of doing going forward, right? They hear all the things said about them and they just need to find a way to get around their flaws

Derek Bombeck (Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau)

-NSAA Championships, Fleetwood Mac/Thomas Rhett concerts, Sandhills Collegiate Classic. Funtober Fest


If Nebrasketball has the year that people expect it to have, how does the outlook for Tim Miles change?

-Tim Miles and his star players were at B1G Hoops Media Day yesterday, and they were praised by other coaches for having a great squad and one that should be good this year. We’ve seen this before and Nebraska failed in 2014-15. Many have been ready to write Miles off for awhile, but what if he comes through this year? Is there a long-term conversation in play for him or is the writing on the wall regardless of outcome this season?