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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: Oct 1, 5pm

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  • CFB Stock up/ Down
  • Wrap up show

The Brett Kane Show W/ Michael Snow: Oct 1, 4pm

  • Winnable Game comment
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The Brett Kane Show W/ Michael Snow: Oct 1, 3pm

  • Mike Snows Cubs Recap
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Happer & Stephens: October 1st, 11am

  • We knew year 1 would come with both good and bad, but right now there’s been all bad and no good.
  • Scott Frost shakes up the depth chart a little bit.
  • What did we learn last week, and where does Nebraska go from here?

Wisconsin opens as a 22.5 point favorite against Nebraska this weekend…any chance at all for Nebraska to cover? / Shut Up Sipple

-Rough times for Nebraska. Wisconsin comes fresh off of a bye week and has things going now after a nice win at Iowa 2 weeks ago. Nebraska is 0-4 and lacking any momentum and confidence after losing to previously 1-3 Purdue at home. How do we stay optimistic for this game?

Tony Davis (Former Husker RB)

-Where exactly does Nebraska go from here? How many guys losing starting spots?


-How do you keep a team interested and hopeful after such a terrible 0-4 start to the year?

Scott Frost is pissed off, as he should be…will we see any in-season attrition going forward or more starters losing their spots?

-Frost had a very emotional postgame discussing his disappointment about the game and saying that again that changes could be coming if need be….where might we see some changes in starters? Lamar Jackson was pulled in favor of Eric Lee in the game…Lee wasn’t fantastic, but the message was sent. Who else might get a pull? We don’t need to call guys out, but just think of how many new players we might see soon


-We also saw Kade Warner for the first time at WR and he got a couple of receptions…a sign of things to come? Despite Nebraska’s big numbers on offense (582 yards), there were still too many issues

A top-5 ranked football team stormed the field at home after they beat an unranked team…what in the world is going on?

-Clemson got Nebraska’d on Saturday, as new starting QB Trevor Lawrence got hurt in the 2nd quarter, and with no Kelly Bryant to lean on, they had to go to their 3rd string QB to get the win against Syracuse. However, even with the need to go to that QB…is it explainable for fans to storm the field when they were heavy favorites and the home team and a TOP 5 TEAM?!



Nebraska’s penalty problem is now out of control…is a fix even possible?

-11 penalties for 136 yards for Nebraska against Purdue. IT’S NOT GETTING BETTER…IT’S GETTING WORSE

-Frost mentioned that guys were laughing (Lamar Jackson) after a flag took away an interception that would have helped Nebraska greatly…the lack of discipline is concerning and Frost was extremely annoyed and pissed postgame about it, as he should be

It wasn’t rock bottom, but it’s another loss for Nebraska and a program-record 8 straight losses. When does it end?

-Make it 7 straight home losses and 8 straight losses overall, as Nebraska loses to Purdue, 42-28, to fall to 0-4 on the year, and now we have to ask….when exactly is this team going to win a game?

-It was nice to have their first lead of the season in the first quarter, but it didn’t last long, with poor tackling, terrible angles, lack of discipline, and continued mistakes. What makes things worse is that Michigan, who handled Nebraska last week, was down by 17 points at Northwestern and had to have a miracle comeback to beat the Wildcats, who were 1-2 going in. For those who think that game is a ‘win’ for Nebraska, how can you feel that way now?