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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: August 15th, 5pm

  • Still not drinking the Kool Aid, unless it’s Kool Aid for the long term success
  • Snow recap/Wrap things up

Happer & Stephens: August 15th, 12pm

  • Audio from Fall camp practice

Happer & Stephens: August 15th, 11am

  • Audio from Fall camp practice

The offense speaks today….will there be a report of any separation at QB?

-Practice is also open for 30 minutes to media, wonder if there will be any signs of a starting QB yet…

-Will Mario Verduzco spill any beans on who is making strides?

Sean Callahan (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

-Is it possible that Nebraska is going to have 2 new starting safeties in 2018? And where does JoJo Domann fit in?

-When do we start seeing QB separation?

-Could the LBs be the strength of the defense? Did you see that as a possibility entering the Fall?

Are the LBs going to be the strength of the defense? Chinander was high of praise for them on Tuesday

-Chinander was asked who stood out in the scrimmage and he said Carlos Davis, a bunch of linebackers and Tre Neal/Deontai Williams. Did we think the LBs would be the strength of the team entering the Fall? And do you feel that way now?

-It does make some sense, as you have some position battles going on at LB. Could that unit actually be above average?

-More notes from practice…

The Cleveland Browns have joined with Bud Light to make fun of themselves in the coolest way possible

-We all know the Browns have sucked for a long time, but never as bad as the past 2 years; going 1-31. Just miserable. Bud Light, however, put coolers in 10 Cleveland bars, stocked full of Bud Light, that will automatically unlock when the Browns win their first game. Cool or lame?


Maryland fires strength coach Rick Court, but D.J. Durkin remains until the investigation is complete in mid-September….Scott Frost has thoughts

-Maryland’s press conference on Tuesday was…..interesting. Swift action was made regarding Court, but not Durkin. Interesting how things were handled…

-Meanwhile, Frost was on national radio with Jim Rome and discussed why Nebraska’s program will never be like that…good clarification from the ball coach.

As camp rolls on, it appears evident that there may be newcomers starting on defense in lots of places—particularly the secondary

-Erik Chinander and Travis Fisher were both high on Tre Neal and Deontai Williams after Tuesday’s practice, and it appears like those 2 guys might actually be starters in this defense this year—as well as JoJo Domann possibly. What happened to Aaron Williams/Antonio Reed? Just not good enough?

-Does that excite you to see new faces not just playing—but starting? Could be some growing pains, but after a 4-8 season, most new things seem exciting and welcomed.

-More notes from practice: