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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: July 16th, 5pm

  • Chris Basnett: Lincoln Journal Star
  • What we missed/Wrap things up
  • Poll Question Update

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: July 16th, 4pm

  • Brian Windhorst: ESPN NBA Insider
  • Worst Tweet of the Day

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: July 16th, 3pm

  • Michael Brunt: 247Sports
  • What’s Poppin

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: July 16th, 2pm

  • Shereef Mitchell’s comments
  • Sports and business don’t always mix
  • Man of the Weekend

Happer & Stephens: July 16th, 1pm

  • Which offensive newcomers will be key to Nebraska’s success in 2018?
  • Streaking the Quad
  • DO YOU REMEMBER: The FBI’s probe of college basketball?
  • SHOULD I CLICK ON THIS LINK: The New York Yankees are a Moral Abomination
  • Just one solitary Blockbuster remains in operation.

Happer & Stephens: July 16th, 12pm

  • Nebrasketball dropped some interesting in-state offers over the weekend.
  • In case you’ve forgotten, the Royals are bad at baseball.
  • Bull or No Bull, brought to you by Buffalo Wings and Rings

Happer & Stephens: July 16th, 11am

  • Scott Frost gets his way. Morning practices are a reality again.
  • The Nebraska game is just the 3rd most expensive game on Iowa’s schedule. Why don’t they hate us enough?
  • Steve Sipple, Lincoln Journal Star
  • The Blog Jog, brought to you by Barney Insurance

July 16th: Jack Sock wins Wimbledon in doubles again…does he get the attention locally that he deserves?

-Sock teamed up with Mike Bryan to take home the men’s doubles crown, his 2nd title in Wimbledon doubles of his career….why does he seem to not get more attention locally?


-Can he ever surpass Alex Gordon’s popularity in Lincoln with fans? Alex played for UNL so that helps a lot, plus baseball is a more popular sport than tennis…

July 16th: Do Devine Ozigbo and Mikale Wilbon still have a chance this year for Nebraska? / Shut Up Sipple

-Ozigbo told the Journal Star’s Parker Gabriel that he’s slimmed down this offseason…how much speed will that help for him? Also, he had issues with dodging tackles last year…how does that get overcome? And Wilbon, too?


July 16th: Nebrasketball offers 2 in-state prospects over the weekend…panicking because Creighton got another player or getting ahead of the game?

-Nebrasketball offered 2019 Creighton Prep SF Akol Arop, and 2020 North Star SG Donovin Williams, as we saw last week that Creighton landed Shareef Mitchell, Mr. Nebrasketball from 2018…do the players’ highlights match what Nebraska needs to succeed in the B1G?


-Arop looks like he needs help with his jump shot…do these offers please you or should Nebraska keep looking higher for prospects? Hard to please everyone…

July 16th: Millennial Night at Double A baseball offends millennials….go figure!

-The Montgomery (AL) Biscuits are holding a promotional night for millennials, with selfie sticks, avocados, and a tag line of, “Want free things, without doing much work?” Hilarious, right?




July 16th: Does the band pump you up?

-Jake hates the band. Thinks pumped in music is way better to pump up the crowd

-Sipple loves the band.