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  • Blog Jog (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

Because of PETA concerns, Clemson will no longer release balloons as the team enters the field…would Nebraska ever consider ending the balloon tradition?

-Could be yet another tradition that goes away! Maybe Scott Frost wouldn’t mind if the balloons went away…..HMMMMMMM……

Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

-Update on Nebrasketball filling open scholarships on current roster?

-Thoughts on Sek Henry’s comments about his time under Doc Sadler…did that style of basketball make players lose their offensive ability?

-What kind of idiot steals from Scott Frost?

The Oakland A’s might be changing the way season tickets are purchased and applied in all sports…will we ever see it affect Nebraska?

-The A’s announced on Monday that starting next year, season ticket holders will have the chance to sit essentially wherever they want, as a chance to not have to commit to the same spot all year long…is that the way of the future?

-Would having the ability to move seats every week inspire you to try and get season tickets? Or do you like knowing the people around you and the same view every single game? And since Nebraska is always sold out, it won’t be a problem here for a while—but could be someday

Jim Harbaugh says chicken is a ‘nervous bird’ / People are stealing sharks from aquariums?

-Former Michigan QB Wilton Speight told reporters on Monday that Harbaugh once told him to stay away from chicken because it’s nervous bird and could make him sick eventually….what in the hell? Also—apparently someone stole a shark from the San Antonio Aquarium and that seems impossible


Bill Bender (Sporting News)

-You have Nebraska finishing at 3rd in the Big Ten West…what kind of record are you expecting? Do they beat either of Wisconsin and/or Iowa?

-Bill wrote that Frost has the strongest voice in the conference when it comes to the College Football Playoff. Will his voice bring change or not?

-Other impressions from B1G Media Day…