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The Happer and Stephens Show: June 13th, 11am

  • Learning more about Bruntz
  • NCAA rule changes

The Happer and Stephens Show: June 13th, 11am

  • Michael Bruntz of 247Sports in for Connor Happer
  • Nebraska coaching staff traveled the state
  • Blog Jog brought to you by Barney Inurance

June 13th: What are you more interested in this weekend: The College World Series or U.S. Open for golf?

-Omaha is the focus of the nation for college baseball and always puts on a party, but the U.S. Open is at a famous course (Shinnecock Hills), and TIGER is playing. Easy answer for Sorensen here…


June 13th: Sean Callahan (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

-Update on satellite camps and the tour around the state for coaches Monday and Tuesday

-What to expect for Friday Night Lights

June 13th: Travis Fisher is pushing Lamar Jackson and others to improve quickly….the culture shift is already in place

-Fisher spoke in Fremont on Tuesday and said that he’s told Jackson to his face that as of right now, he has no chance at the NFL…tough love! Not saying he can’t get there, but he needs to improve a lot to get to the next level. Nothing wrong with that, right?

-Also, Sean Beckton tells a group in Blair that Nebraska is going to implement The Program next week, which was also used by Bo Pelini—a conditioning program to help make players tougher and weed out the weak. Continued signs of culture change

June 13th: Scott Frost’s Grand Canyon segment is on tomorrow on ESPN and this show sounds freaking awesome

-ESPN announced yesterday that “Marty Smith’s America” will air it’s first episode on Thursday at 7pm, and will feature Nick Saban playing basketball, Jimbo Fisher roping cattle, Jim Harbaugh touring France, and Scott Frost conquering the Grand Canyon. SIGN ME UP!


June 13th: Bowl season is adding more bowl games to get to 43 games…is this the one year as a Nebraska fan you’re OK with that?

Brett McMurphy announced on Monday that there would be 3 more bowl games to get to 43 (including national championship), and that one of those games would be in Chicago for an ACC/B1G game

-However you feel about the amount of bowl games put aside—isn’t this great news for Nebraska who might struggle to make a game this year? One more chance to make the postseason!

June 13th: Erik Chinander says there are zero Blackshirts right now and they won’t be ‘handed out like M&Ms’….are you OK with them going back to being earned?

-It’s interesting that this is the philosophy since Scott Frost is back in town and obviously saw the Blackshirts when they were still in a dominant phase, but it’s possible he sees this defense as nowhere near that level and needs to perform first before they earn that title. Is that fair?

-Mike Riley handed out a lot of Blackshirts, and Sorensen had a problem with that, but many were OK with it. Just seemed like a ‘lax’ culture, which ended up being true. Isn’t it OK to ask for things to be earned in life?