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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: June 11th, 2018 5pm

  • Harbaugh Vs Frost
  • Bruntz Replay
  • Wrap up/ what we missed

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: June 11th, 2018 4pm

  • Sean Keeler: Land of 10
  • Harbaugh or Frost
  • More Bowl games

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: June 11th, 2018, 3pm

  • Whats worse for the NBA?
  • LeBron to Warriors, or no LeBron
  • Whats poppin
  • Michael Bruntz: 247 sports

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow June 11th, 2018 2pm

  • Luke Gifford, Accountability
  • Man of the weekend

The Happer and Stephens Show: June 11th, 1pm

The Happer and Stephens Show: June 11th, 12pm

The Happer and Stephens Show: June 11th, 11am

June 11th: What happens now to Tyronn Lue after Cavaliers get swept in NBA Finals?

-LeBron is likely to leave Cleveland, and Lue went 1-2 in his appearances in the Finals for Cleveland…will he be retained like Erik Spoelstra was in Miami after LeBron left? Spoelstra has been just average in the years since LeBron…..have to wonder what Cleveland does and what Lue wants to do

-Will he be a hot commodity anywhere if Cleveland lets him go?

June 11th: Phil Steele (College Football Magazine preview extraordinaire) / Shut Up Sipple

-What’s your take on Nebraska right now and what do you see the rise being with Scott Frost over the next few years? Can this program win a national championship again?

-Thoughts on the B1G and other teams to watch across the nation…

June 11th: State of the Fanbase: Do you still believe a National Championship is achievable for Nebraska football in the future?

-Scott Frost still believes in it, and it has to be somewhat of a reason why the sellout streak is still intact, right? But think about yourself…do you really think it’s possible or do you laugh it off and say it’s not going to happen?

-There has to be some nervous energy from those who want to tell people they believe it’s possible but don’t really feel that way. The south has a lot of talent, and while it doesn’t all stay there, most of it does. How much will good coaching overcome that?

June 11th: Patrick O’Brien transfers to Colorado State…how much will you follow his career?

-Will he be successful in Mike Bobo’s offense at CSU? Seems like a good conference for him at least. Some fans tracked Cody Green and Johnny Stanton hard when they transferred in the past, will it be more this time or the same?


June 11th: Is it possible for Tre Bryant to stay healthy in 2018, and if so, how much does that change your view of that position?

-Bryant, as we all know, was excellent in his first 2 games last year, before missing the rest of the season with injury. We also know he’s had a history of knee problems for a while, but did get surgery…but there are reasons to be speculative

-If he is indeed healthy, does he take the starting spot over Greg Bell?