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Happer & Stephens: June 8th, 12pm

  • How will Nebraska football fare against big time opponents in 2018?
  • Bud Crawford is back in the ring this weekend.
  • Nebrasketball seems ready to hit the big time. Can your heart handle it?

Happer & Stephens: June 8th, 11am

  • The Washington Capitals got to celebrate with the Stanley Cup in Las Vegas.
  • Harbaugh vs Frost. This is going to be fun.
  • Sean Callahan, HuskerOnline
  • The Blog Jog, brought to you by Barney Insurance

June 8th: Bud Crawford and Jordan Burroughs both in action tomorrow, will you be watching?

-Crawford takes on Jeff Horn tomorrow night, and Burroughs wrestles in the Final X event in Lincoln to try and advance to Team USA. Let’s show the fellas some support

June 8th: Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple

-Nebraska has had 5 new commits since last Friday, who is the most important of them all and who might play right away?

-What do we know about Vaha Vainuku? Any update on Tony Fair?

-Report on satellite camps…

June 8th: If you were a hot-shot prep QB looking for best chance at development, would you go to Scott Frost or Jim Harbaugh?

-Land of 10 went through the QB whispering element of both coaches and the recruiting element, and found both coaches to be better than the other in certain areas….people point to Harbaugh’s last season not going so well, but don’t forget what he did at the University of San Diego, Stanford, and with the 49ers…

-Who would you take now, though?

June 8th: The Washington Capitals win the Stanley Cup and this is your yearly reminder that hockey has the coolest trophy in all of sports

-Do you see the way they hoist that thing? Hockey isn’t the most popular sport but goodness, there is no trophy celebrated quite as much as that. What would you do with the Cup if you had one day with it?


June 8th: You want to know the most pathetic story in sports? It’s the Cavaliers, but not because of LeBron James—because of it’s ownership

-LeBron James is in his 11th season as a Cavalier, and is going to end up having only one ring to show for it as he likely moves on next year. How unbelievable is that? Arguably the best player in the HISTORY of basketball has spent more than a decade with this franchise (in 2 stints), and only has one ring there to show for it, compared to 2 rings in 4 years in Miami.

-Where does he go next year? How could Cleveland consistently be so incompetent?

June 8th: Shawn Eichorst has a new gig, and he’s heading to Texas….how much over his head was he at Nebraska as an A.D.?

-Eichorst was hired by Texas on Thursday as their executive senior associates A.D. for internal affairs, which will help in lowering the amount of money that Nebraska owes him still for the buyout

-Does this job mean anything at all? Where does Eichorst find success at? And do you genuinely root against him and his wellbeing or are you more civil than that?

-Also, Nick Watkins announces he’s transferring to Houston, and not Nebraska. Did the Huskers pull the rug or not?