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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: June 29th, 3pm

  • Iowa writer gets torched for being kinda right on Iowa football
  • Drunk takes

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: June 29th, 2pm

  • What the College World Series came down to was crazy
  • How has Nebraska fallen into that same situation in the past? Can they erase that?
  • Hottest takes of the week

Happer & Stephens: June 29th, 1pm

  • Matthew Anderson (Nebraska OL Commit)
  • Sports

Happer & Stephens: June 29th, 12pm

  • Can a “developmental” program win a National Championship?
  • Bull or No Bull

Happer & Stephens: June 29th, 11am

  • Happer is about to be triggered if people start talking about pitch counts
  • Sean Callahan (Husker Online)
  • Blog Jog (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

June 29th: LeBron James might cause a jersey company millions of dollars—and it’s their own damn fault

June 29th: Sean Callahan(Husker Online)/ Shut up Sipple

June 29th: How important is it for college football for fallen bluebloods to find their way and get back to prominence?

-Nebraska was America’s Team of a sort in the 90s, winning 3 national titles in 4 years to make it 5 total national championships, and earned nationwide popularity which we still see today from where people interact with our shows from.

-Michigan was down, but has come back. Alabama was down, but has come back. There will always be a new team here and there (see in past 10 years: Baylor, Oregon, Missouri) who will come up as ‘new blood,’ but for the sake of the powers in college football, how important is it for the ‘leaders’ to come back and reclaim their spot at the top?

June 29th: PISSED OFF POPPE: A look at the scene inside last night’s final game in the College World Series

-Poppe went early to get a general admission seat, and got a great deal—but it sounds like the tickets lost value regardless and it wasn’t the highest attendance possible. Series went too long with rain, right?


June 29th: No Top 100 players on Nebraska’s roster according to one sportswriter…should that ever happen?

-Matt Hinton wrote the list, and may have forgotten Stanley Morgan when looking at the best players in the country—but you still get the gist. It’s been a problem for a while when it comes to players drafted and lack of development. But, Buffalo has 2 players in the top 100; Wisconsin has 5; and zero for Nebraska. What should be the expectation on that for Nebraska on a yearly basis?

June 29th: Does anyone out there still think Tristan Gebbia is ahead in the race for QB in 2018?

-Yes, there is still more than a month to go before Fall camp and we are in a month-long recruiting dead period, but the hype train continues to grow for Adrian Martinez and stay silent for Tristan Gebbia.

-There will no doubt be a competition for the job in the Fall that easily could go up through the last week of camp….but doesn’t this feel right now like it’s going to be Martinez’s job, and the first time ever in Nebraska history that a true freshman QB gets the opening nod? Anyone else feel otherwise?

Happer & Stephens: June 28th, 1pm

  • NBA Free Agency
  • Thirsty Thursday with Kevin Meier from Meier’s Cork and Bottle