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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: May 23rd, 5pm

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: May 23rd, 4pm

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: May 23rd, 3pm

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: May 23rd, 2pm

The Happer and Stephens Show: May 23rd, 1pm

  • So Bill Moos says you’re fat, well I ain’t down with that
  • What you want
  • Scott Frost and the Blackshirts
  • NFL has a policy on players kneeling

The Happer and Stephens Show: May 23rd, 12pm

  • Sam McKewon (Omaha World Herald)
  • Is there a hidden message in Bill Moos letting the men’s golf and tennis coaches go?
  • Bull or No Bull

The Happer and Stephens Show: May 23rd, 11am

  • Are the Big Ten Crossover games a problem
  • Frost was literally inside the Grand Canyon yesterday
  • Blog Jog (Barney Insurance)

May 23rd: Another bad statue/plaque is unveiled, this time for Brandi Chastain…why would the artist/sculptor feel OK with the finished product?

-Chastain was inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame, and her plaque looked hideous and nothing like her. She discussed it on Jimmy Kimmel last night….but with this and Ronaldo last year, how can these sculptors/artists actually feel good about the work of art they have made?

-How would you respond if you got a plaque or statue made of you that looked nothing like you and was hideous?

May 23rd: Sean Callahan (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

-How will Joe Burrow fare at LSU? Can he help save Ed Orgeron’s job?

-Thoughts on Bill Moos’ comments and how potentially an 8-game regular season in the future could be beneficial for Nebraska and the B1G

-Should Nebraska play a marquee game to begin its seasons?

May 23rd: Would you be a fan of an OPENING GAME tradition for Husker football on top of Black Friday, too?

-Husker fans always come out to defend the need to play on Black Friday, and it’s understandable—tradition talks for years upon years. But what if Scott Frost said he wanted to play a big game in week one of the season? Look at Wisconsin over the past years….they’ve played Alabama in week one, as well as LSU…marquee games off the bat. Do you prefer keeping it a gimmie game or challenging themselves?

-Sorensen thinks Frost would welcome it because he doesn’t seem scared of any challenge out there in life

May 23rd: Golden State loses at home to the Rockets

  • Also, Song of the Day

May 23rd: Scott Frost will come back from hiking the Grand Canyon last night and hold meetings today…IN LINCOlN

  • Will Nebraska have a 1,000 yard rusher and/or receiver in 2018?