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Happer & Stephens: May 11th, 12pm

  • Gabrielle Union explains Husker Football to James Corden, Bill Hader
  • Look at Tre Bryant, running around and spinning!
  • Sean Callahan, HuskerOnline

Happer & Stephens: May 11th, 11am

  • Breon Dixon is declared eligible, and Scott Frost continues to win the offseason.
  • Do or Die for Husker Baseball this weekend vs Indiana.
  • This is the SUMMER OF TIM MILES!
  • The Blog Jog, brought to you by Barney Insurance

May 11th: Fortnite may have caused a former Cy Young Award winner to miss time with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

-The Red Sox’ David Price claims that playing Fortnite is not the problem that’s causing him to miss time with Carpal Tunnel in his wrist, but others aren’t so sure. Can you believe that this game could cause something like that to happen?

May 11th: Berry Tramel (The Oklahoman) / Shut Up Sipple

-Your article on the fall of Nebraska football was pretty eye-opening…can Nebraska ever get back to a level near where they were at before their demise in the early 2000s?

-Do you believe in Scott Frost? Is there a chance that he has a higher ceiling than Lincoln Riley or not?

-Thoughts on Bookie Radley-Hiles so far and what to expect from him this fall at Oklahoma

May 11th: After all the negativity surrounding him and the end of the season…has Tim Miles actually been WINNING the offseason?!

-Miles got a commit from yesterday from Amir Harris, who actually was ranked HIGHER than Xavier Johnson in the 2018 class of point about that? Pair that with the Armon Gates hire and the possibility of both Palmer and Copeland coming back..he’s done a pretty damn good job of weathering the storm so far

-Is there anything else that can go right this offseason at all? Can we tell if Armon Gates is an upgrade over Kenya Hunter yet?

May 11th: Could Scott Frost have taken the Nebraska job if he was a single man?


May 11th: Should schools have the right to limit where players can transfer to?

-Husker Online’s Sean Callahan reported yesterday that Joe Burrow will be able to transfer to any school he wants to except for Big Ten schools, at the request of Urban Meyer. It sounds like B1G schools will have a chance at him with a rules exception—-except for Michigan and Michigan State

-Should coaches/programs be able to select where players who leave their school can go to? Certainly a thing now with Scott Frost and UCF not likely wanting players to follow him to Nebraska…

May 11th: Breon Dixon ruled eligible immediately for Nebraska…how much does that change the scene for the Husker defense?

-We thought it would happen when Shea Patterson was listed as eligible for Michigan, but now we know for sure that Dixon can play…and watching the Spring Game a few weeks ago, that could be a big boost to the defense

-Is he a Day 1 slotted starter on defense? What exactly does he add?