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The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: April 27th, 5pm

  • Cubs game earlier today so POWER HOUR
  • Parker Cyza in for Bock today
  • Reviewing the NFL Draft
  • NBA Playoffs are great tonight
  • Drunk Takes

April 27th: D-Wade isn’t going to coach Nebrasketball, you morons

April 27th: Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) /Shut Up Sipple

April 27th: Has Nebraska’s lack of highly drafted players lately been a talent issue or a development issue, and can Scott Frost fix that?

April 27th: The NFL Draft’s first round is complete, and oh boy, was there some drama

-Mayfield, Barkley, Rosen, Darnold….so many big names and so many trades. Which teams ‘won’ the first round?


April 27th: Nebrasketball gets a transfer commit, but have 2 players with 2nd round NBA Draft grades

-Nebraska got Robert Morris transfer Dachon Burke to transfer to the Huskers—he’ll sit out this year and be able to play the following 2 seasons for the team. Will Tim Miles ever coach him or not?

-Also, James Palmer and Isaac Copeland have earned 2nd round draft grades for the NBA Draft in June…will they come back or end up leaving?

April 27th: Shea Patterson likely to be eligible to play for Michigan this year, which means Breon Dixon might be a ‘go’ for Nebraska…how important is that to this defense?

Sip had Dixon as his 3rd best/most important newcomer this spring as we enter the summer and fall, as he looked pretty dang good in the Spring Game

-How much would him being eligible to play change the look of the defense? Would he be slotted in to start in your mind or still come off the bench?

-Also, what does this mean for Michigan?