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The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: April 24th, 4pm

  • 78th overall pick in the NFL Draft gets a free years supply of pizza from Pizza Hut for free…what does a free years supply entail?
  • Moos looking for “stability and consistency” from Tim Miles and the Nebrasketball program

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: April 24th, 3pm

  • Nate Clouse: Omaha World Herald
  • NFL Draft early pick tweeters
  • Whats Poppin

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: April 24th, 2pm

  • Adrian Martinez = Mackenzie Milton?
  • What emphasis should Frost put on Year 1 as opposed to Years 2, 3, and 4?
  • This or That

Happer & Stephens: April 24th, 1pm

  • Josh Heupel’s offense is better than Scott Frost’s…at least according to one Orlando writer.
  • Scott Frost commented on Joe Burrow and the possibility of him transferring to Nebraska. But…why?
  • A monkey took a selfie and PETA thinks it deserves artistic credit or something.

Happer & Stephens: April 24th, 12pm

  • How are you approaching this season if you’re Scott Frost?
  • Brian Christopherson, 247 Sports
  • Bull or No Bull

Happer & Stephens: April 24th, 11am

  • Let’s get serious about Sirius.
  • What is the state of the RB position?
  • Nate Clouse, Husker Online
  • The Blog Jog, brought to you by Barney Insurance

April 24th: Are you concerned about the kicker position right now?

-Barrett Pickering missed his only FG kick in the game (from inside 30 yards), and Cole Frahm was shaky, too. Is that possibly the biggest concern of any position right now? Or still cornerback?

April 24th: Sip doesn’t want to change the Tunnel Walk /Shut Up Sipple

April 24th: Possible changes to the Tunnel Walk song?

April 24th: More Tunnel Walk talk….



April 24th: Pardon us for not asking this yesterday—but would you be bummed if ‘Sirius’ went away for the Tunnel Walk?

-They played ‘Come Together’ on Saturday to walk out to, and lots of fans were freaked out about it…HuskerVision’s Shot Kleen told Tom Shatel that they just did something different for the Spring Game and would decide this summer if they’re keeping ‘Sirius’ or not

-Is that one tradition that absolutely can’t be touched, or shouldn’t be?

April 24th: Will Nebraska’s defense improve as quickly as the offense will?

-We saw a lot of exciting things on Saturday in the Spring Game, and lots of weapons were on display at receiver and other positions…and there is plenty of reasons to believe they’ll make big strides this year

-The defense had 8 total sacks and some INTs too, but will they be able to iron out issues at defensive back? Are we expecting track meets this year and high-scoring games? Could Nebraska win lots of high scoring games this year? How would fans respond to that?