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The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: April 13th, 5pm

  • One hour today with the Cubs game earlier
  • Xavier Johnson dropping LOI reaction
  • NBA Playoffs preview
  • Drunk Takes

Happer & Stephens: April 13th, 12pm

  • Is the Noah Vedral thing real?
  • Frost’s thoughts on spring official visits
  • Sean Callahan: HuskerOnline

Happer & Stephens: April 13th, 11am

  • It’s pretty clear you need a small amount of actual speed to be the quarterback in the Huskers offense
  • Tom Shatel’s baseball article in the World Herald made me triggered
  • Collin Schuck: Lincoln Stars Play-by-play
  • Bull or No Bull

April 13th: Tyronn Lue hates his life right now as the Cavs coach, or so it seems

-Lue talked to reporters on Wednesday night following the team’s final game of the season and seemed, well, completely miserable about his year as the Cavs coach. Is it all over for him in Cleveland? And would he be a top option to consider for Nebraska if Miles were eventually let go or no?

-Also, Minnesota women’s basketball hires a WNBA player…who is going to remain playing in the WNBA while coaching the team…

April 13th: We expect attrition after Spring Football is finished…but what amount of players leaving would alarm you? / Shut Up Sipple

-Again, it’s really hard to panic/freak out about anyone because it feels like Scott Frost will be weeding out the ‘weak’ players who can’t handle his style….but is there an amount of players leaving that would cause you to be alarmed or concerned?

April 13th: Back to the QB situation—is there really a chance that Noah Vedral could play in 2018?

-Vedral told the World-Herald’s Tom Shatel that he is doing all he can to try and be able to play in 2018 after just transferring from UCF—what chance does he have? And if he can indeed play, does he immediately become the favorite to land the starting job?

-We’ve been talking about how he could throw a wrench into the race next year when he’d be eligible, but this would make things change even more. Would that possibly provide another transfer for another QB if he is able to play right away?

April 13th: Pissed Off Poppe and Pissed Off Sorensen: THIS WEEKEND’S WEATHER IS A STUPID JOKE

April 13th: Is it better for all the ‘races’ for positions to be decided as late as possible in the fall, or sooner than that?

-Sorensen thought last year it would be good to have a QB announced at the end of Spring to have an idea of who the leader of the team was, and that happened, as Tanner Lee was named the QB. After seeing how last year went, maybe that wasn’t the greatest idea…

-Would it be better for growth and effort if at most of the spots that aren’t decided yet, they are decided in the few days leading up to the first game? Therefore, creating constant competition and attempt to improve more every day and not get comfortable…

April 13th: Patrick O’Brien set to transfer out of Husker football program—we warned you of it yesterday!

-O’Brien confirmed that he is leaving the program on Twitter, after media learned that he didn’t practice on Thursday and he didn’t talk for QB media availability on Tuesday

-As Jake and Sip said on Thursday, there is no reason to panic about losing POB—we knew attrition was coming, and that it might be coming at QB. But what now? Anyone else you’re worried about losing? Is there enough depth currently?

-Noah Vedral apparently is trying to become eligible to play in 2018…now THAT would change up some things in the battle for the starting spot…