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The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: April 10th, 5pm

  • Ole Miss objecting Shea Patterson transferring and playing right away at Michigan, what does this mean for Breon Dixon?
  • Audio from Husker practice, the sound of Scott Frost soothing voice

April 10th: Tanner Lee scores a visit for a pre-draft workout with the Falcons…anything to see here?

-No one is doubting that Lee could be a backup in the NFL in some regard, and that’s likely what he is headed toward…so why are people surprised to hear he has a visit? They have Matt Ryan there….they aren’t looking for a starting QB…

April 10th: Back to Kenya Hunter—can you really be mad at him for leaving to go to UConn? / Shut Up Sipple

-Hunter said to reporters that sometimes to get to where you want to eventually be, you have to be selfish. What’s wrong with that? UConn is a proven program with national championships. Nebraska is the only Power 5 school without an NCAA Tournament berth. Wouldn’t you leave, too, if you had the option to go there?

April 10th: There are some incredible numbers of muscle gain with Husker players under Zac Duval so far—will it bring big changes immediately in performance?

-Peyton Newell told reporters over the weekend that he has already gained 23 pounds of muscle (!!!) under Zac Duval, while only gaining ONE POUND of muscle all of last year….how in the world is that possible in both circumstances?

-More on the overall physicality, speed, and strength of the team so far compared to last year. Cole Conrad also up 12.5 pounds of muscle, and others reporting huge gains, too

April 10th: Packers WR Trevor Davis is a damn idiot for what he did in an airport

-Davis was getting ready to board a plane at the Los Angeles airport when he jokingly asked his girlfriend if she had ‘packed the explosives’…obviously it was in a joking tone, but it’s pretty common sense that you can NEVER say anything or joke about that in an airport…what a dumbass


April 10th: Iowa State’s Spring Game was canceled due to inclement weather—what if that happens at Nebraska?

-It DID happen in 2013, and it was a huge deal—but not as big of deal as this year, with Scott Frost’s first year. If it was bad weather on the 21st, would they reschedule it or just cancel it? What a fascinating dilemma.

April 10th: Kenya Hunter is headed for greener pastures, as he departs Nebrasketball for UConn

-Assistant coaches leave programs all the time, so let’s calm down and not freak out too much—they want to be head coaches someday, too (well, most of them at least). Hunter said he wants to be a head coach…hard to blame him for leaving

-He did say that nobody should leave Nebraska beyond him, but is that likely? He was the lead recruiter on Isaac Copeland and Xavier Johnson…what does this mean for their futures with Nebraska? Can Tim Miles get another solid recruiter to replace Hunter?