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Happer & Stephens: April 2nd, 1pm

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April 2nd: National Championship tonight in hoops…can Michigan knock off red-hot Villanova?

-Villanova dispatched of Kansas easily in the Final Four, knocking down a million 3s and never having an issue. Can Michigan, who had to come back late to beat Loyola-Chicago, find a way to get John Beilein a National Championship?


-What would that mean for the B1G, too? NIT Champs AND NCAA Champs in a down year….

April 2nd: Keep the hype train rolling…Mike Dawson likes his depth on the D-line…who will break out? / Shut Up Sipple

-Dawson spoke highly of Damion Daniels at defensive tackle…could he be ‘the’ breakout player? Or will someone else step in? Or maybe multiple guys? Why will it be different from Parrella?

April 2nd: Do you buy all the good vibes coming from Spring Ball or is this just the standard for what to expect in spring?

-Coaches and players are all about positivity right now….but it’s the spring. Has there ever been a spring football session that wasn’t all positive and full of hope? How can you tell if anything is really different from the past?


-Have you ever heard anyone in the spring not be confident or speak positively? Should we slow down on the praise or not?

April 2nd: Tom Osborne showed up at Nebraska’s Junior Day rocking a retro jacket from the much will they use him going forward?

-Scott Frost mentioned at one of his early press conferences that he intends for Osborne to be around more than he was with previous regimes…will he resonate with the players who might have no idea who he is?


-Doesn’t it feel good to see him hanging out still? And wearing old ass coats from the glory days?

April 2nd: Is Erik Chinander’s praise of Lamar Jackson a sign of possible breakout year or just knowing he might need an injection of confidence?

-Chinander said on Saturday that Jackson has a ton of potential and will be great when he becomes more physical and aggressive…is he telling the truth or just trying to pump guys up?


-Maybe this team just needs more positivity and belief in the first place. Seems like there is a lot of talent that needs to be tapped to reach potential, and this staff might know exactly what it takes to get there


-Other practice nuggets from Saturday:

April 2nd: Jessica Shepard wins national championship at Notre Dame….are you happy for her or pissed at her for leaving?

-Shepard was a huge part in Notre Dame’s win, as she scored 19 points while Notre Dame won on a buzzer-beater to win the national championship against Mississippi State—2 days after a thrilling win against UConn. Pissed at Shepard for leaving Nebraska or happy for her?