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The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: March 13th, 5pm

  • Non-Con scheduling skews the numbers
  • Nebraska should load up the non-con
  • John Calipari is pissed at Coach K and he should be
  • Poll Question/Wrap things up

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: March 13th, 4pm

  • Kirk Cousins gambled on him being a Super Bowl QB or bust
  • Zubin Mehenti: ESPN SportsCenter anchor
  • Worst tweet of the day

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: March 13th, 3pm

  • Kirk Cousins’ contract was a big win for him but even bigger for the players as a whole
  • The NFC QB stack up is ridiculous
  • Chris Heady: Omaha World Herald
  • Whats Poppin

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: March 13th, 2pm

  • Non-Con scheduling skews the numbers
  • Nebraska should load up the non-con
  • This or That

Happer & Stephens: March 13th, 1pm

  • Will the fact that Nebraska missed the Tourney have an effect on James Palmer and Isaac Copeland’s decisions about coming back next season?
  • Caller Mike says it’s time to ban Jayskers from Nebraska athletics
  • What’s your excitement level for March Madness this season?
  • The women’s basketball team is going dancing!

Happer & Stephens: March 13th, 12pm

  • What are your expectations at QB this year for Husker football?
  • Brian Christopherson, Huskers Illustrated
  • Bull or No Bull, brought to you by Buffalo Wings and Rings

Happer & Stephens: March 13th, 11am

  • Since the schedule seems to have kept Nebraska out of the Tourney, what should it look like next season?
  • Nate Clouse, HuskerOnline
  • The Blog Jog, brought to you by Barney Insurance

March 13th: Drew Brees is apparently available to be signed—would you take him or Kirk Cousins if you needed a QB badly?

-Brees is on his last leg in the NFL, but is a proven winner and a Super Bowl champion. Cousins is younger and has more overall potential, but has never proven himself in the playoffs. If you’re the Jets/Broncos/Vikings/Bills, what’s your move?

March 13th: Breaking down the brackets…what regions are the best and who do you expect to make a run?/ Shut Up Sipple

March 13th: Were we living a lie the last 2 months? Did Nebrasketball really have to win the B1G Tourney to make the Big Dance?

-It kind of feels that way after being picked as a 5-seed in the NIT…did anything really change or have a chance to change after the loss to Ohio State?


-Many thought Nebraska had the best chance to run the table in the league after that loss—but only because the schedule was so easy ahead. So, with that being said, were they doomed after that loss when all was said and done?

March 13th: Dolphins reportedly will cut Ndamukong Suh on Wednesday; will Sorensen have another meltdown?

-Suh signed a 6-year, $104 million deal 3 years ago and is being released due to a big cap hit for salary…is this a sign of a rebuild or smart decisions by Miami?



March 13th: It’s time to accept the fact that Nebrasketball is in the NIT, and playing TOMORROW. How exactly will they do in the tourney?

-Do you actually expect them to perform well and beat Mississippi State, or do you expect them to flop? And what’s the reaction if they lose the first game? Will fans be OK with it because they feel Nebraska got snubbed or freak out that Tim Miles can’t win a postseason game?


-More so—what’s the proper reaction? The non-gut reaction. The smart, thought out reaction. What does that look like?